Meave leakey fossil million years dating

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Meave leakey fossil million years dating

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Over the last decade, there have been a number of important fossil discoveries in Africa of what may be very early transitional ape/hominins, or proto-hominins.

It cannot be both.” The study in Nature scrupulously avoids taking a position on which species may be the direct ancestor of modern people.

Paleontologists and mother-daughter team Meave and Louise Leakey have made significant contributions to our understanding of human origins, continuing the legacy begun in 1931 by Louis S. Leakey with his discoveries of ancient fossils in Tanzania's Olduvai Gorge.

Based on the fossil evidence, paleoarchaeologists currently tell the following story: For 99.9 percent of our history, from the time of the first living cell, the human ancestral line was the same as that of chimpanzees.

Then, about 5–7 million years ago, a new line split off from the chimpanzee line, and a new group appeared in open savanna rather than in rainforest jungle.

March 21, 2001 – After the partial skeleton of a 3.2-million-year-old human relative known as Lucy was found in Ethiopia in 1974, many researchers believed her species – Australopithecus afarensis – was the ancestor of modern humans.

Brown and University of Utah geology undergraduate Patrick Nduru Gathogo co-authored the study, along with Fred Spoor of University College London, Ian Mc Dougall of The Australian National University in Canberra and Christopher Kiarie and Louise Leakey of the National Museums of Kenya. The field work was funded by the National Geographic Society, except the geology work by Utah researchers was financed by the L. “Now that we have a new form of early hominid from the same time period that is quite distinct from afarensis, the anthropologists will have to decide which of these forms of early human actually lies in our ancestral tree.

He paces slowly, head bent, stopping every few feet, and then leans down to pick up what initially looks like a gray piece of stone.

But it soon became clear to the paleontology department of Kenya's National Museum that Mr.

At present, the vote is still out as to whether any of these three primates were in fact true hominins and if they were our ancestors.

In 1989, when Richard shifted his attention to wildlife conservation, Meave became the coordinator of the National Museums of Kenya’s paleontological field research in the Turkana basin.

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