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Turkish dating phrases

Wikitravel users have collectively created a free Turkish phrasebook with the goal of making it possible for travelers to "get by" while traveling in areas where Turkish is spoken.

Wikitravel phrasebooks are available in many languages and each one varies in depth and detail.

Though one of the most popular phrases in any language is “I love you”, Japanese rarely express their love in words.

Some Japanese have never used the word “aishite imasu” in their life!

They are included here mostly so you will understand what people are saying to each other (and hopefully not to you! In Turkish, "hıyar" means "cucumber." Until the word became synonymous for "cock," everyone would use it for cucumber. The way this word changed meaning over time is similar to how the definition of gay, in English, turned into homosexual.

It is also a recognized minority language in Kosovo, Macedonia, and Romania.Phrase: You have a nice smile Polish translation: Masz piękny uśmiech Phrase: You’re lovely Polish translation: Jesteś urocza (to a girl), Jesteś uroczy (to a guy) Phrase: You’re funny Polish translation: Jesteś zabawny/zabawna Phrase: You’re pretty Polish translation: Jesteś ładna Phrase: You’re a very handsome man Polish translation: Jesteś bardzo przystojny Phrase: You’re sweet Polish translation: Jesteś słodka (to a girl), Jesteś słodki (to a guy) Phrase: Thank you for an amazing date Polish translation: Dziękuję za cudowną randkę Phrase: I love spending time with you Polish translation: Uwielbiam spędzac czas z Tobą Phrase: I’m so happy I met you Polish translation: Cieszę się że Cię spotkałem (to a girl), Cieszę się że Cię spotkałam (to a guy) Phrase: Kiss me Polish translation: Pocałuj mnie To learn more about your Polish date’s heritage, read our popular article Getting to know your Polish date’s culture.Here is a collection of the most cheeky, flirty and cute romantic Latin phrases you'll find on the web.Turkish has a rich variety of swear words and other types of slang.Because of words with multiples meanings even a simple word could mean seriously vulgar in different circumstances.

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As most of them are used quite often (in an informal context, of course), it would be useful to learn them.

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